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Diecast Model Cars

Diecast Model Cars

  • Order diecast model cars with FREE Fitted Personalised Number Plates.

  • Our model are not only for collectors but they also make a fantastic gift.

  • Now see our fantastic range of 1:18 scale model cars with metal diecast bodies. Many models also feature accurate engine and interior detail.

  • So if you love cars or know someone who does what could be better than giving an Aston Martin, Porsche or Lamborghini as a present or maybe adding a BMW or Jaguar to your own collection.

  • We also have a range of Radio Controlled Cars that can have number plates fitted.

Model Cars Information

We are a UK based model car shop offering a large range and many of  models can be fitted with a Free personlised number plate. Please see our Number plate Information Page for further details.

The majority of the  cars we stock are 1:18th scale. This means with a small car like a Mini the model would be 20cm long and a large car like a Range Rover the model would be 27cm long. For more information on the different model car scales please see our page Model Car Scale Guide.

Most of our model weigh around 1kg with the body shells made from diecast metal. Features vary from model to model but many of the cars having opening doors, boot and bonnet, revealing detailed engines and interiors as well as working steering.

Model cars make great gifts for collectors and motoring enthusiats and if you have ever wished to buy someone an Aston Martin, Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini or Porsche or maybe you have one in the garage and would like a diecast model car to display in the house then why not check out our selection of 1:18 scale diecast model cars.

We also carry a range of radio control cars as well which are fun for all ages.

 If you need some inspiration on which model to buy see our Top 10 best seller’s  for some guidance.

We offer next day delivery to most of the UK. Please check our delivery details page for more information.



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