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Diecast Model Cars

The History of Ferrari Cars

Ferrari Dino diecast model car by Hotwheels


Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari and produced its first car in 1947. The model was called the 125 Sport and it boasted a powerful V12 engine. Ferrari continued to make high performance cars until 1960 when a management bust up led to the firing of the sales manager and chief engineer leaving a huge void in the company. This was a crucial time for Ferrari who was in the middle of developing the 250 GTO model cars. They were replaced by engineer Mauro Forghieri and body work expert Sergio Scaglietti who finally finished the 250GTO which went on to dominate sports car racing in the early 60’s. Ferrari dominated motor racing in the 1960’s and in 1969 Fiat bought a 50% stake in the company giving Ferrari a huge boost in finances. Ferrari then left sports car racing and began to concentrate on Formula 1 racing. In 1988 Enzo Ferrari died at the ripe old age of 90 after commissioning the awesome Ferrari F40 model. Ferrari dominated Formula 1 racing from the mid 1990’s through to 2006 with the help of Michael Schumacher. Ferrari is still hugely competitive in F1 racing and continues to make fantastic models for the road. There are a vast number of die cast car models available on the market most of them made by Hotwheels an American company who own the rights to make Ferrari model cars. Diecast model cars.