Lamborghini Urus R/C


This  accurate 1/14th scale radio control model produced by DX of a  Lamborghini Urnus.

This remote control model car comes on channel 27MHz handset allowing the car to be driven forwards, backwards and steered to the left or right.

DX have equipped their 1/14th scale Lamborghini Urnus radio control model cars with working head lights and tail lights for realism.

This model is approx 340mm long and has open windows so you can see the interior detailing. Rastar r/c car models are very strong and run for between 10 and 30 minutes depending on how trigger happy you are .

The Lamborghini Urnus radio control handset uses a 9v battery and the model car uses five AA batteries which are not supplied. Rechargeable batteries can be used in the radio control car and are advised in the long term to save money.

You can use your Lamborghini remote control car inside or outside on flat smooth surfaces but it is recommended that you avoid driving radio control car models in wet conditions.

If you are buying two Rastar cars to run together please make sure that they are on different frequencies (One 27 MHz and one 40 MHz) to prevent interference.

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