Scale Model Car Guide

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All the diecast model cars that we sell are 1:18 scale.

This means that our models are 18 times smaller than the real car making an average sized family car approximately 23cm or 9 inches long. So a model of small car like Mini would be approximately 20cm or 8-¾ inches long and large car like a Rolls Royce would be 27cm or 10-½ inches in length.

To give you an idea of the size the Lamborghini model above is approximately 26cm long being help by a small male adult hand.

Most of 1:18th scale models are well detailed and have opening features like a bonnet, boot and doors but there are some exceptions to this.

The size of our models make them ideal for display on a shelf or a desk and many of our cars can be fitted with a personalised number plate of your choice. We also sell display cases to keep the dust of your model.

Please note some of our radio control cars are large scale than 1:18th but will not have the same level of detail as the 1:18 scale die-cast metal cars we sell.

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1:18 Scale Model Cars

Most of the diecast model cars on our website are in 1:18 scale and the most popular diecast car model manufacturers are Sunstar, Maisto, Hotwheels , Norev, Bburago and Mondo . Some diecast manufacturers like AutoArt, Kyosho and Minichamps specialise in highly detailed diecast model cars for the collector with an eye for detail or for someone who wants to give a really special present.

The popularity of 1:18 scale models has ensured that manufacturers have produced many of models, covering a wide range of subjects, from Aston Martin to Lamborghini, from TV and Film to Formula 1. We have recently added a range of radio controlled cars in 1/18th scale to the Model marque web site so you can even drive your favorite super car model.

1:24 Scale Model Cars

Most 1:24 scale diecast model cars available in the UK are relatively inexpensive and popular with younger collectors. Companies like  Bburago and Maisto produce a range of models in this scale. Some extremely detailed models are available in 1:24 scale but they are usually made for the US market where 1 24th scale is popular.

1:24 scale ties in nicely with the Plastic Kit Car Builder as nearly all of the popular Airfix, Revell and Ertl kits are available in this scale. Most of our 1/24th scale model cars are radio controlled made by Maisto and Rastar.

1:43 Scale Model Cars

1 43rd scale diecast model cars (known as "Matchbox" scale) were very popular with Model car collectors because of their price. In recent years the price of 1/43rd scale die cast cars has risen sharply and they are now almost the same price as 1/18th scale diecast Manufacturers like Corgi, Minichamps and Vanguard are probably the most well-known manufacturers in this scale. As long as there is space we can fit personalised number plates onto 1/43rd scale.

1:64 Scale Model Cars

Whilst 1:64 scale diecast model cars (commonly referred to as "Dinky" scale) are robust, the size doesn't lend itself to details.Due to their small size they usually tend to be very basic. These model cars are very popular with model railway enthusiasts as they are approximately 00 scale, and of course almost every young boy has probably had a collection of these "diecast metal toy cars" at some point!